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The Stranger Things Lucas Sinclair 1:6 Scale Action Figure stands approximately 9 1/3-inches tall and features a fully articulated original body with 28 points of articulation and fabric clothing. The highly detailed figure features an authentic likeness to Caleb McLaughlin's character in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Lucas is dressed in a t-shirt, corduroy jacket, headband, pair of trousers, and sneakers.

The Stranger Things Lucas Sinclair 1:6 Scale Action Figure comes with following:
1x Utility belt
1x Backpack
1x Slingshot
1x Pair of binoculars
1x Walkie-talkie
1x Flashlight
1x Compass
1x Wristwatch
1x Pair of relaxed hands
1x Pair of fists
3x Pairs of hands for holding accessories

Lucas lives in Hawkins, Indiana with his best friends Mike, Dustin, Will, Eleven, and Max. He is realistic and logical, always keeping the group focused in the face of danger. Always prepared with his slingshot and binoculars, Lucas is an indispensable team member in the fight against the dangers of the Upside Down.